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The Drivethru Concept

Build a modern drive thru kiosk.

original concept

We are building something special, a Drive Thru Technology like no other. One that recognizes the customer, recommends meals and interacts at a human level.

modernizing the drive thru

Our approach to building this future-tech subscribes to new methods including agile, cloud and security. Interacting using gestures and speech combined with clear audio all to enrich the user experience.

Our Atomic Crew

Technology & Features


Video Stream
Admin Controls


We are developing a number of modules for our drive-thru kiosk system,
meanwhile view our product demo press play

Watch Our Demo Video


Innovative interactive gesture recognition drive thru kiosk.

Multi Display

Controls up various multi display units, 2/3/4 Screen Display.

Video Streaming

Live peer to peer video streaming between the Operator and Customer.


Distributed sensors throughout the customer area to detect motion and customer transactions.

Modular Software

Application stack fully modular for ease of integration into corporate environments.

Admin Controls

Performance metrics, system controls and software services central control features.

Multi Order System

Receive and process multiple orders simultanously with accuracy.

Systems Documentation

Modules fully documented for support and training purposes.

Operator Controls

Enhanced operator controls include video streaming, live remote screen controls and analytic display.

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